Simple demo page for GS1DigitalLinkToolkit.js

This simple demo page can be further developed to add further features.
It uses GS1DigitalLinkToolkit.js to translate between GS1 element strings and GS1 Digital Link URI syntax.
It uses vue.js to update the Web page in real time, all client-side.



Convert GS1 element strings to GS1 Digital Link URI

Input: Element string
OptionsUse alphabetic short names e.g. /gtin/
Omit primary key from compression e.g. /gtin/
Use optimisations
Custom URI stem 


Convert GS1 Digital Link URI to GS1 element strings

Options Use brackets / human-readable output
Output: Element string


Compress GS1 Digital Link

Options Compress non-GS1 key=value pairs from URI query string


Decompress GS1 Digital Link

Output: Structured Array

Auto-detect GS1 Digital Link

Input: GS1 Digital Link URI
Input: GS1 element strings
Structured output:
Semantic output:
Element strings output: